The HIOB-Thrift Shops carry out clearing out, evacuation and disposal. Whether apartment clearing, house clearing, commercial clearing, industrial clearing, clearing hospitals, nursing
homes or medical practices – everything is no problem for us.

Our specially trained teams will inspect your apartment, draw up a binding offer, submit an evacuation contract and carry out the evacuation including the disposal of furniture and objects that are no longer for sale.


In 3 steps to successful evacuation


Step 1:   Search for the next HIOB-Thrift Shop

As a rule, you will be served from the nearest HIOB-Thrift Shop. Click on the blue pin to get the phone number or the Thrift Shops page.

Click on the image above to open the interactive map.


Step 2:   Call the HIOB-Thrift Shop

Call the nearest HIOB-Thrift Shop and request an evacuation offer. The branch manager or a qualified employee will be happy to visit your premises and make you a binding offer.


Step 3:   Form for evictions

Or: Simply fill in the form below and we will contact you to arrange a viewing appointment. Your information will be treated confidentially.

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How many rooms have to be emptied?
How many adjoining rooms (cellar, attic, etc.) have to be cleared?
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