Free pick-ups


3 steps to free furniture collection


Step 1:    The nearest HIOB-Thrift Shop

Locate the nearest HIOB-Thrift Shop on the interactive map. Click on the pin or go to the Thrift Shop page in the right sidebar.

Click on the image above to open the interactive map.


Step 2:    Make a phone call

The fastest way is to make a direct call to the nearest HIOB-Thrift Shop.

Describe the furniture that you would like to return free of charge: Type, condition, age, known defects, etc. If it’s resaleable, the next step is done.

Of course, you can also conveniently send us an e-mail, preferably with a photo of your furniture. So we have your contact details and also an overview of your donation of goods. You can find the telephone numbers or e-mail addresses here. Just click on your nearest HIOB Secondhand Shop.


Step 3:    Free pick-up by the Thrift Shop-team

Make an appointment to deliver the furniture to our Thrift Shop team. The furniture will be carefully transported by our team to the Thrift Shop, rebuilt and sold to finance our charity.

In rare cases it may happen that during the inspection it becomes apparent that the furniture can no longer be sold.


Low-cost disposal

No problem. Nevertheless we take the furniture with us for a contribution towards expenses and dispose of it in an environmentally friendly and professional way.

Would you like to empty a room, an apartment, a house or a business? Ask for our offer.

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