General Terms and Conditions – GTCs

1. Acceptance of donations of goods

  • Only during the regular business hours of the second-hand shops.
  • In the interest of our clientele we only accept intact, clear goods for donations that can be re-sold.
  • We will be glad to pick these up for free.

2. Clearance and disposal

  • We clear out apartments, houses and business premises and will also take care of disposal at very favourable conditions.
  • Request the “agreement for clearance with/without disposal.”

3. Transport costs for home deliveries

  • At a separate rate. Adapted to local conditions.
  • Once purchased the use and risk transfer to the buyer.

4. Prices

  • Our prices are understood as strictly net from point of purchase.

5. Terms of Payment

Cash payment on acceptance of goods.

6. Reserving Goods

  • Reservations are basically impossible. In exceptional cases we can reserve goods for 24 hours for the purposes of clarification.
  • Advanced partial payments are deemed generally as a pledge to purchase. There the remaining price, possible disassembly and re-assembly, temporary storage and transport will also be settled.
  • The initial partial payment is a third of the purchase price. If buyer breaks off the purchase, the initial payment remains the property of HIOB International. The buyer can withdraw from agreed-upon additional services such as disposal, transport and assembly at any time, to the extent that these additional services do not exceed the amount of  Fr. 150.– in value.
  • We reserve the right to remove goods for which a partial payment has been received from sale inventory and disassemble larger furniture if the customer does not directly express the wish that we not do so.
  • Free storage of the purchased good for a maximum of 5 days. On failure to meet the pick-up deadline we will bill Fr. 10.–/day.

7. Returns

  • We do not accept any returns.
  • In the case of radios, televisions, electrical household appliances, we grant a right to return/exchange within 2 days of the purchase date. The register receipt must be shown. On return you will receive your money back.

8. Defects

  • The buyer must inspect the goods for proper condition prior to rendering payment.
  • If the buyer fails to do this, the purchased good is deemed accepted to the extent that these are defects that were not immediately recognizable on a typical inspection  (OR 201a). In other respects Article 7 applies.

9. Manipulation of Labelled Prices

  • If price labels are intentionally switched or removed, we reserve the right to block the sale of the good in question until the matter is clarified.

10. Theft

  • Theft will be subject to criminal prosecution including a claim to compensation of up to  Fr. 150.–.

CH-3612 Steffisburg, in November 2004

HIOB International