HIOB helps the refugees and the people in Ukraine

HIOB International is helping with material shipments directly to the hospitals in the hardest hit locations in Ukraine. But we also provide the same in the affected neighboring countries, where refugees are seeking shelter and are in urgent need of donations of the most necessary items such as hygiene items, food, medical supplies and more.

A Bulgarian pastor called Peter from Popovo, coordinates transports with relief goods for Ukraine. HIOB gives him medical instruments, mattresses, washing machines, tumble dryers and shoes.

Also some private persons, who are engaged in the support of the refugees, got in contact with us and obtained material for a collective shipment from us.

We had an extremely impressive experience with two Russian doctors. The two doctors were with us in Steffisburg last summer and are now personally involved in the targeted distribution of medical material in various hospitals in Ukraine. Simply great!

Our relief supplies were distributed to various hospitals in Ukraine such as Kiev, Browari, Bila Zerkwa and Fastiw.

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We do not do good to be praised for it. We do good because it feels good and right!

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In cooperation with the relief organization Moldova Bridge from Buchs, a van and a trailer were filled with mattresses, comforters, pillows, bedding and hygiene articles. The material will be transported to Moldova, where this urgently needed material will be distributed to the refugees.

Loading at our premises in Steffisburg:

Arrival in Cahul, Moldova:

We are happy to support the Ukraine refugees and the people left behind in Ukraine with a wide variety of relief supplies.