New website of HIOB International

Visit us on our new website. Under the well-known address HIOB International presents itself fundamentally revised and modernized.

Since the old homepage became slower and slower and could hardly be maintained by our employees, the loading speed and functionality of our new website were in the foreground of the redesign. Today, the vast majority of our customers use their cell phones to surf our site. This has also influenced the design, so that the site is optimized for cell phones and tablets.

The mostly three-part pictures on the main page symbolise the dynamics between the Thrift Shops (financing), the aid projects department (association purpose) and the aid recipients in the Third World.

The most important direct links:

Without the aid projects and recycling department there would be no HIOB at all:

We wish you a lot of fun while discovering. Of course we are looking forward to your feedback and are just as grateful for suggestions and comments as for praise or criticism.