Overview of relief supplies

Our range of relief supplies

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Do you need goods for your aid project in the Third World? Then get in touch with us, the easiest way is through our contact form for aid projects.

We are allowed to collect all humanitarian aid, especially hospital material of any kind, which we deliver to the Third World free of charge in hospitals, clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, doctor’s and dentist’s practices and pharmacies. In this way, all the objects that have served their time in Switzerland can once again be put to meaningful use in regions of the world that are not as blessed with material goods as we are through the mediation of our Medical Department.

Call us if you have larger or smaller items to pick up. We look forward to every personal contact with donors and recipients of goods.

Would you like to visit our relief organisation to get an idea of our work? You will also find open ears with this request.


The preparation and procurement of clothing (usually work clothing for medical personnel) is a subdivision of our medical department. Hospitals and nursing homes provide us with well-preserved aprons, surgical gowns, boots, etc. Fire brigades often supply us with discarded protective clothing, coats, gloves, helmets and boots.

From our Brockenstuben we also receive large quantities of surplus clothes and shoes, which we can pass on to humanitarian aid organisations.


We run a workshop in which the wheelchairs are overhauled before we pass them on to humanitarian aid organisations. Our wheelchair mechanics are inventive when it comes to repairing defective wheelchairs in such a way that they can continue to serve for a long time, even under difficult conditions.

The wheelchairs also include all other means of transport for disabled and elderly people such as tricycles, walkers and walking aids.


We collect old bicycles, which we pass on to apprentice workshops in Eastern Europe without processing them. There they serve in many ways to train bicycle mechanics and contribute to apprentice training when they are sold.

HIOB International prefers to support projects that offer help for self-help.


The professional aid project team also carries out the dismantling of commercial enterprises, hospitals, old people’s and nursing homes, pharmacies, medical practices and restaurants.