Stuff from apartment clearings

What actually happens to the stuff we pick up when we clear an apartment?

HIOB International is a state-recognised aid organisation that helps people in the Third World where the need is greatest.  That is one of our slogans. But how do we finance this aid? In order to be able to fulfil our statutory mission, HIOB International operates second-hand shop throughout Switzerland , currently twenty-five in number. They accept household, garden and garage articles from private persons for free and sell them in professionally established second-hand shops at fair prices.

Our teams of drivers pick up furniture that can be re-sold along with items such as china and tableware, books, household items and clothing even from donors of goods at home free of charge.

When we clear apartments or houses, we offer a supplemental service at a favourable price. Clearance normally includes completely clearing out an apartment including the attic, basement and garage, if this is arranged. Mostly however a greater or lesser portion of the material cleared because it is defective, dirty or cannot be re-sold.  In this we give high priority to ecological principles in that raw materials are largely separated out and fed into the corresponding recycling channels.

Often it is possible to re-sell many articles in the second-hand shop. What happens to them then? They are delivered to the second-hand shop and temporarily stored while they are re-conditioned. The sales people sort out the goods, check them for functionality, intactness and cleanliness and set a sale price based on principles of supply and demand.  Then they are offered for sale in our sales room in the area dedicated to their specific types of goods.

Based on the principle outlined above, that we receive all goods that can be resold from the donors free of charge, we also accept furniture and other objects from a clearance of a premises that can be re-sold. For that portion that must be disposed of, we do bill for our time and for the disposal fees that accrue. The manager of the second-hand shop will  be glad to make individual offers for clearance which take into account the specific conditions.

With the proceeds we cover first the continuing costs for the salaries of our employees, the rent of our sales locations, maintaining and operating the lorries as well as all other costs up to and including administration in Steffisburg. What remains after this is entirely used by the department for aid projects in Steffisburg, in order to pick up medical goods from hospitals and nursing facilities throughout Switzerland.  Our trained mechanics repair and recondition the donated wheelchairs, machines and motors and prepare them in our warehouses so that aid organisations form the Third World can select them and put them back into service.

Do you need to clear out an apartment or house? Call your nearest HIOB-second-hand shop and request a clearance offer. We will be quite glad to help you.